Half Life 2

Half Life 2

Half Life 2 is a great first person shooter for Windows
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Half Life 2 is a great first person shooter for Windows. The game is quite old by now, but it is now part of a trilogy. This is considered to be the First Episode of the trilogy. The game was later released as Episode 1, but Half Life 2 has the same content as Episode 1 plus some other games like Counter-Strike and Deathmatch. The graphics of this game were so spectacular back then that it was hard for me to run it. They look OK now. I don't want to spoil anything. It suffices to say that you are a man who has to fight a bug/alien invasion. The first episode happens in the City 17, a fictional city were you and your friends hide from the bugs. The controls are really good as well, and you have plenty of weapons to use. The game is Sci-fi so there are a lot of technologies that you can use. Half Life 2 is a long game and the great thing is that there is another game out and another one upcoming for you to continue the story. This game has no multiplayer capabilities, except for Counter-strike Source, which is most times sold separately. All in all, this great game has an incredible story, great graphics, a great array of weapons that you can use, and will keep you on your chair for hours.

José Fernández
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